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TikTok announces major expansion of creator monetization program

TikTok updated its Effect Creator Rewards program to improve monetization opportunities for current members and expand access to creators in new markets.

By extending the program to 33 additional markets and lowering eligibility criteria, TikTok aims to engage more creators in the initiative.

Why we care. The Effect Creator Rewards program serves as an additional revenue stream for eligible content creators. It also encourages creators by offering them the opportunity to earn rewards when designing engaging TikTok Effects within the platform, Effect House.

Content creators in the following regions are now eligible to join Effect Creator Rewards and begin monetizing their effects:Argentina.


  • Belgium.
  • Belarus.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Czechia.
  • Denmark.
  • Ecuador.
  • Egypt.
  • Greece.
  • Hungary.
  • Israel.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Kuwait.
  • Mexico.
  • Morocco.
  • New Zealand.
  • Norway.
  • Oman.
  • Peru.
  • Portugal.
  • Qatar.
  • Romania.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • South Africa.
  • Sweden.
  • Switzerland.
  • Taiwan.
  • Thailand.
  • Turkey.
  • Uruguay.
  • Lower eligibility requirements.
  • Previously, creators required an effect to be used in 200,000 qualified videos before it could start earning rewards. Now, each effect only needs to be used in 100,000 qualified videos to begin unlocking rewards.
  • Accessibility.

From March 12, 2024, only effects featured in qualified public videos will be able to earn rewards. This only applies to effects that are released after the date. Effects released before this time will still adhere to the previous payout rules and requirements.Cash rewards.

Amounts of rewards may vary depending on where videos are published. The maximum payout for a single effect is $14,000, while the maximum payout for a single creator per month is $50,000.Reward calculations.

Creators receive rewards based on how many videos they have uploaded or the number of unique public videos that are from regions eligible to use their effect in the first 90-day period. The creator begins earning rewards once an effect has reached 100,000 unique public videos. TikTok’s statement. TikTok said in a statement:

“Last year, we launched Effect Creator Rewards to celebrate our creator community and the outstanding effects they create for TikTok. Some creators have even reached the maximum payouts of $14,000 per effect and $50,000 per month. In fact, some creators have reached the maximum payouts of $14,000 per effect and $50,000 per month.”

updates to Effect Creator Rewards enhance opportunities for existing members and expanding the program to more creators.”Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on.

  • Deep dive.
  • Read TikTok’s [Our] in full for more information.

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