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Free Web Design Or SEO

Why pay for what you can do yourself, right? Well, except maybe you can’t. You very well could design a website that is stunning and one that impresses you clients. But what about all of the backend SEO signals you aren’t aware of and the free site builder doesn’t give you access to? If you really think you can do it own your own, fine, give it a try. But how much of your valuable time are you wasting trying to learn a language that may be completely foreign to you. How confident are you that you didn’t miss anything important?

SEO do it on your own

For most business owners the only result and one that comes quickly is frustration. Frustration at not being able to achieve the perfect design they had in their mind. Frustration at a lack of production from your website. The only people who are likely to visit your new website are those who were already aware of its existence, not those running a search query. This type of approach also completely ignores the fact that SEO is so much more than just what is on a page. What’s your link building strategy? What directories should you be in? How do you manage your social media campaigns? Are you able to compete against professional marketing agencies?