Display Network Ads

Display network ads are video and image ads you see when browsing the internet or using your favorite app. They are amazingly effective and affordable branding advertisements that can also generate traffic to your website through clicks. An example of a display network add can be seen as easily as clicking through to https://weather.com/. The display network is not just one network. Although the Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide, across millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube we have been able to advertise on the many other networks (although smaller) to gain a 99% share.

display network ads

This means when Digital Red Zone is running your display ads you have a greater coverage area than just going through the Google Display Network. We have the ability to Geo target and data target your audience with this type of advertising which means we can target your potential customers in the areas that are the best for your business using data metrics that are shared by your best customers.