Facebook Ads

Facebook has a ton of data on its users which lets you target based on location, interests and if you know what you are doing you can get really creative when determining who you want to see your ad. Facebook advertising helps marketers increase visibility for their ads, build brand awareness and measure clearly defined metrics and campaign goals helping us create better, more optimized campaigns in the future.

facebook ads

The advantage of Facebook ads is in the data targeting. At Digital Red Zone we love to create hyper targeted audiences to put your ads in front of the best potential customers. We track our clients website traffic using Facebook Pixel so we can create an audience based on the demographics of the people that are already looking at your site. We simply tell Facebook here are the people that use us now find more people just like them and place our ad in front of them. If our clients have a large enough email list we will give that info to Facebook to find more people like your current customers and again place your ad in front of them.

Our Goal When Managing A Facebook Ad Campaign:

  • Maximize impressions
  • Maximize hyper targeted clicks
  • Optimize for the lowest cost per conversion