Digital Ads

For a small business owner, digital advertising is one of the best places to compete fairly with the “big boys” because they don’t have the ability to price you out of the market. You have data tracking and budgeting mechanisms that allow you to capture the pieces of the market that are the most valuable to you. A small business can aim small and hit big in the digital marketing arena.

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A look back at how a small business used to compete locally for business make sone wonder how they competed at all. There was a time that for most small businesses their number 1 source of acquiring new business was to place an advertisement in the local phone book. Think about this, they would pay a ton of money for an ad in a book that they hoped someone would open and select them. There was no data to track, you couldn’t edit the ad to make it better at converting into calls, and the book went out to everyone so your ad cost included all the people that had zero chance of ever buying the advertisers product or service. Even worse over time the larger companies were able to acquire the largest spaces and price out the competition. With digital ads you can track your data to improve your campaigns, you can make sure your ad is only in front of real potential customers, and you can start with a small budget to learn what ads work the best then scale up to maximize your ad cost.

Digital Ads allow you to work smarter, compete at a larger scale, control your ad costs more efficiently, and create a greater return on investment of your marketing budget.