Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

Internet Marketing for small businesses is the best way to reach new, past, current, and potential customers with your brand and message. In the digital age it is very important to reach customers in a timely manner and with clear communication. Using the various digital channels you can increase new business, referrals, and lower your acquisition cost per customer. Many small businesses have created a very unorganized segmented digital campaign that is not working efficiently for their company. At Digital Red Zone first organize your digital properties so that all your assets are working together to maximize your digital marketing budget. We then use the data to show us where to increase exposure and to determine what methods are working best. Our goal is to get you into the Digital Red Zone with a 24 hour 7 day a week digital sales machine.

benefits of digital marketing

Our marketing report will detail the following for your niche:

  • The top websites in your niche based on bookmarks. Many times these links we uncover are educational in nature andintenrnettrafficicon give us some insight into what content your customers are looking for.
  • The top websites for your niche based on overall traffic. We find the top websites based on traffic for your niche to see why so many people are going there. What can we do to create similar content to attract more hits.
  • The top websites for local rankings in your niche. Most small businesses operate in a geographic area. We find out what the top sites are in your area for your niche. Local organic traffic is the best converted traffic in digital media marketing and we want to reverse engineer your competition so that we can get you ranked with our SEO service. We will find out what local citations (links) are helping your competition move up the rankings and look to improve upon the content they offer to get you placed at the top.
  • The top viral content being shared across the internet through social media for your niche. We find out what people are sharing so we can boost your company’s social media campaign. It is a great way to find content ideas for your website as well.
  • The demographic breakdown from Facebook for your niche market. Learn what makes up your perfect customer demographic. This helps us identify the target market to create and grow your audience.