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Website Security:

Website security is the action taken to ensure website data is not exposed to cyber criminals or to prevent exploitation of websites in any way.

Website security protects your website from:

  • DDoS attacks. These attacks can slow or crash your site entirely, making it inaccessible to visitors.
  • Short for “malicious software,” malware is a very common threat used to steal sensitive customer data, distribute spam, allow cybercriminals to access your website.
  • Your site may be removed from search engine results and flagged with a warning that turns visitors away if search engines find malware.
  • Vulnerability exploits.Cybercriminals can access a site and data stored on it by exploiting weak areas in a site, like an outdated application or plugin.
  • This attack replaces your website’s content with a cybercriminal’s malicious content.
website security

While we protect your website we also want to protect your visitors from:

  • Stolen user data. From email addresses to payment information, cybercriminals frequently go after visitor or customer data stored on a site.
  • Phishing schemes. Phishing doesn’t just happen in email – some attacks take the form of web pages that look legitimate but are designed to trick the user into providing sensitive information.
  • Session hijacking. Some cyberattacks can take over a user’s session and force them to take unwanted actions on a site.
  • Malicious redirects. Certain attacks can redirect visitors from the site they intended to visit to a malicious website.
  • SEO Spam. Unusual links, pages, and comments can be put on a site to confuse your visitors and drive traffic to malicious websites.

We get a ton of clients after their website has been hacked. They usually fail to update the site code or are using very weak passwords. If in the event your site does have a problem we can get the site fixed and back up ASAP.