Reputation Management And Marketing

reputation management and marketing

Check Out Your Reputation

What is having the best reputation in your area worth to your business?

Have you evaluated your online image lately? When potential clients research your company on Google, are they seeing reviews and content that would make them want to do business with you? Would you like to have a more positive image for your company on the first page of Google? Whether your company’s reputation is solid or if it could use some help, we have everything you need to make your business’ appearance great again.

For most people, the first thing they do before hiring a business is research multiple competing companies on Google. Your business has to survive these challenges hundreds and even thousands of times a year. Think of all the potential loss if your company’s reputation is being sullied by negative articles or reviews. This could be costing your business thousands of dollars each year and preventing you from reaching your goals.

While we can’t actually remove those negative articles and reviews from the internet, what we aim to do is replace that negative content in the search engine results page (SERP) with content that shows your company in a better light. We get positive content like directory citations, reviews, blog posts and news articles to show up when people search your company. By doing this the top ten results for your company’s name will be overwhelming positive and the negative content is buried deep down on other SERPs that people are much less likely to view.

Directory citations are still significantly important for establishing your company’s brand online. We have accumulated a list with dozens of directories we know help grow a business’ reputation. Many of these directories are industry specific. We will run a citation audit to make sure your company’s existing citations all have accurate and consistent information then work to see that those citations that are wrong are corrected. If we find duplicate listings, we will work with those sites to have these removed.

Next we will examine reviews people have left on various sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages and if we find any negative reviews, we will work with you to fix the situation. We can work with you and show you how to get your satisfied customers to leave good reviews. No one likes to be bombarded by a business to leave a review so we will give you techniques that get these reviews without offending clients. The more positive reviews your company accumulates, the less those negative reviews matter.

Blogs are great for many reasons, but for reputation management they are awesome at serving as a positive result that can show up in the SERPs. Businesses should use their blog as a tool to show they are a leading authority figure in their industry. A blog can show just how capable and knowledgeable your company is. If you have a good company, show this to people by answering questions with highly-valuable articles. When people search your company and your blog that demonstrates how good your company really is shows up, that’s great.

There are few better ways to show that your company is reliable and reputable than having a local news source publish an article about you online. Due to many technical SEO factors, news articles tend to rank very well meaning this could be another positive link that will show up in the SERPs for you. So if they write an article highlighting your contributions to your field or positive service you provide to your community, this will surely reflect positively on you. And as they always have, people tend to believe what they read in the paper so make sure it’s good.

Reputation management never ends. We will constantly monitor your company’s presence online, checking reviews, comments, and social media activity to make sure your company’s name is safeguarded. The way people view you online is important. It could mean the success or failure of your business. We want to work with you to make sure your business is protected and that someone is always looking out for you.

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