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Email Hosting:

Your business can’t afford to lose clients or customers because you are using a clumsy and unprofessional generic email like over your own domain such as

We still see it every day. A company using a generic email address instead of using the trust and authority your brand has earned. When a potential customer contacts your business at the email should be coming from the same domain. Not doing so is a great way to have your messages ignored and unopened. Branding is about keeping the same message and being consistent and that includes your business email address.

In addition to the professionalism that having your own domain in your email provides, it’s advised to consider upgrading to email hosting instead of putting your data in the hands of a free email service like Google or Yahoo.


email hosting

Here are some of the top benefits you can get from a professional business e-mail.

  • Build Your Business Credibility Having a professional e-mail address such as or not only sounds more professional but also adds more credibility to your business. It also sends the signal that you are serious about the business, as your business e-mail address reflects your professionalism. It also gives an instant recognition to your business, otherwise with those free e-mail services, your clients keep wondering about who you are and many times your e-mails end-up in the spam box.
  • Increased Professional Perception A first Impression is important. Your clients perceive you as what you appear to them in the first instance. And at most times, the first interaction with a client is through an e-mail message. A professional looking business e-mail address will reinforce your brands good image and thus create a professional perception among clients.
  • Win Customer Trust You cannot hope to be taken seriously with an anonymous identity. Anybody can get a free e-mail account and you must distinguish yourself with your brand to be identified as trustworthy. Getting professional e-mail account for your business is the simplest thing that can gain you immense customer trust, which is the base of a successful business. Creating different e-mail addresses for sales, billing, support, jobs, also gives the look of a diversified and big organization, though you may be a small team.
  • Get Data Security It is widely known that free e-mail service providers face continuous hacking and malware attacks, in addition to be prone to spamming. They lack the required security measures and thus are not suitable to be used for confidential operations of a business, also you are not in full control of your own e-mail. Your business email has many security that protect you from hacking, spamming and malware attacks. You may install the appropriate security plugins and maintain the security of your e-mail system as you like, as you are in full control of it. You can add, change passwords and delete an account at your disposal. And as always a Digital Red Zone expert is always available to help.