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First we gather all of the content we need to build a professional website. Organization is key and we depend on our clients to complete this step. You know your business better than anyone else so we need your help to show why your business is great. We collect the images, graphics, videos and written content that will be the meat of the website.

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Once we’ve gathered our materials, we begin the process of optimizing the content. We do meticulous research to learn what keywords are most valuable for your business and industry. Keywords that are relevant to the business and potential customers are placed on the page in prominent positions, taking great care not to run afoul of Google’s guidelines. Keywords are interspersed throughout the website in the page titles, page url extension, main content, image alt tags and title text, link titles, meta descriptions, and various other components of the website. Once we are satisfied with the design, a mobile compatible version of the site is created. We finish on-page optimization by linking the site to Google Webmaster and Google Analytics accounts and uploading working sitemaps making it easier for Google to index all of our pages.

The next phase is what really distinguishes our work from others, our off-site optimization strategies. Once we have a working, properly optimized site we introduce it to the internet. We gather valuable citations from multiple directory listings. We make sure that the business’ Google My Business page is set up correctly with accurate name, address phone number and website. Next we engage in link building, all the while staying cognizant of Google’s guidelines so that our websites are not punished for nefarious link building strategies like others have in the past. Another way we get the site recognized is by social media. We integrate our client’s social media accounts into the website. We can also show you effective strategies for using social media.

When we are your digital marketing agency we will keep your site ahead of updates and constantly track your ranking so that we can make necessary changes to the site to stay on top.