SEO: Keywords

SEO keywords are words or phrases that make your site more favorable to the search engines. Keywords do not need to be repeated verbatim throughout a piece of content. In a headline, in particular, you want to use a keyword (or keywords) in a way that makes the most sense to your audience. The goal should be to write a stellar headline (somewhere between 4-9 words) that clearly explains what a piece of content is about.Nothing is more of a buzzkill than having a headline that’s awkwardly framed around one keyword phrase or, worse, that forcibly repeats a keyword phrase.


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Keywords are a main component of SEO because it is a potential visitor base that help connect searchers to your website. To create good keywords you must "know the language", meaning you must know what people put in the search engines when they look for product or service in your niche. This will help bring potential customers to your website instead of the thousands of other websites on Google. The good thing about implementing keywords is there is no limit to how many we can put on your site, resulting in higher rankings on Google for your niche. It is imperative keywords are relevant to the audience and effectively organized for action.