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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies if your business wants to increase return business, increase referrals, and maintain your business as the go to solution for your customers problems. It is the most affordable and can yield the highest ROI of anything your marketing plan can do if done correctly.

What Is Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Stats To Know

Email marketers reported an average return on investment of 3,800%. That means that for every dollar invested, the average return was $38. Source

49% of consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands on a weekly basis. Source

91% of consumers check their email daily. Source


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How Do We Decide Where To Send The Emails?

We communicate with our clients and take a thorough look at their customer base and decide where they could look for improvements to gain more customers. We do not want to bombard potential clients with tons of emails. The goal is to simply make the connection and explain to the potential customer how we can help them improve their business.

The Top 5 Goals of Email Marketing

Improve Sales

Communicate With Potential Customers

Get Feedback From Customers

Build Trust With Customers

Increase Leads

Email Marketing Strategies

We find that the more we can communicate with potential customers, the better. We are not trying to push anything on them but we want them to know that we can help them improve their business.

Email Marketing Strategies

Improve Email Marketing

With your custom Digital Red Zone email marketing plan we are able to promote your brand/business through emails and bring more customers to your site. We do this by informative emails about a new sale or product that links back to your site.

Improve Email Marketing

Advantages of Email Marketing

When we create an email marketing plan our goal is not to get a sale every time we send an email. We want to create value for your product or service and the better we do that the more loyal customers you will retain.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Our Promise To You

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"We construct the perfect email marketing plan for your business by taking a close look at your current customer base and looking for ways to segregate your list or if you don't have one put a plan together to build one. Our goal is to create trust and loyalty with past, present and future customers that sets your business apart from the rest and gives your audience useful information."

Keir Anderson
CEO/Owner of Digital Red Zone

Deliever Targeted Messages

Email Marketing is very beneficial because we are able to create an already existing targeted audience.

Create More Revenue

Email marketing is the best way to reach customers online. We will create a marketing plan to promote your site and bring more customers to make purchases.

Reach More Potential Customers

Email marketing is very powerful because your customers are able to forward the information you give them to other potential clients.

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Improve Sales

Email marketing is one of the few forms of marketing where customers can view a product or service and buy it with two clicks. This works to your advantage immensely when it comes to new products or services.

Easy To Measure

When it comes to email marketing it is fairly easy to measure your ROI. We are able to keep track of how many responses, quotes, and purchases customers will make from our email marketing campaign.

Instant Impact

When we start your email marketing campaign it is very common to see results happen fast. If we create initiative for your clients they will react with a purchase much sooner than later.

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