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We have teamed up with Suitedash to whitelable the perfect app for your customer relationship needs. You can set up meeting times, collect payment, take notes for individual clients, and have access to all portfolios through the app.

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Key Features

Access Anytime

Set Up Meeting Times

Capable of Collecting Payment

Simple Dashboard

Secure Client Portal

Advantages of CRM

The client portal is fully capable of being customized for each client. Each client will only have access to their information and you can give them access to the projects you are completing for them. This app will also allow you to schedule meetings with clients and keep each other up to date with new ideas or updates.

Advantages of CRM

Task Management

The CRM app now allows you to update your clients with the work you are performing for them. You can show them what percentage of a project you have completed or keep it as private as you would like.

How Does CRM Work

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about improving the relationship between you and your customers. We help do this with our powerful CRM App. This new app allows you to share updates with clients about a project, schedule meeting times, and even share notes about a previous meeting. This app will also allow billing and payment methods to be conducted on a safe and secure database.

How Does CRM Work?

Our Promise To You

customer relationship management

"We are very excited to introduce our clients to our new CRM app. We guarantee it will change the way you look at handling your customer information. This app has the capabilities to invoice and make payments, update customer information easily, set up meeting dates and times, and let your clients view progress on projects. It will act as your email marketing hub and help manage customers and market to them more efficiently"

Keir Anderson
Discover The Future of Customer Relationship Management

The Digital Red Zone App

Easy to Use

The new Digital Red Zone app sets itself apart from any other CRM app because it is no longer complex and time demanding.

Intake Forms

The CRM app comes with embedded intake forms, these forms will allow your customers to contact you with questions, new ideas, or meeting times.

CRM Calendar

You are able to set event dates and follow-up times with customers on your CRM calendar.

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The CRM app will allow you to auto-assign files, pictures, or projects to a reference point (certain person) with your customers.

Client Management

With the CRM app you can now manage all contact information and resources in one place. You can also keep private or share notes with customers throughout every interaction.

Import/Export Data

Search for items that you want to edit and import or export items all in one go.

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