Re-Targeting Ads

Re-targeting Ads are strategically placed throughout search engines and apps to show the viewers a product or service repetitively. This is mainly done because the viewer did not purchase the product or service. This type of advertising can help your business strengthen its brand image, create an offer, or remind the customer they were shopping here. The goal of these ads is to get the customer to reengage and come back to your website and hopefully make a purchase. There are many places where you can have your re-targeting ads appear at Digital Red Zone we focus these campaigns through the Display Network, Facebook, and Youtube.

retargeting ads

Small businesses can use re-targeting ads for the following strategies:

  • Co-branding –Your message and logo showing up on an authoritative website Ex. creates a co-branding opportunity to potential customers. They trust the info on the site they are on and the more they see your logo and message on that site the more they will be branded to your company as well.
  • Branding –Due to the targeting and affordability your logo and message can be shown to tens of thousands of viewers repeatedly. Unlike traditional branding in print your ad can create call to action which allows the viewer to click over to your website and into your sales funnel.
  • Generate website traffic –Creating an ad in the display network which has a call to action such as a coupon or sale allows your business to capture highly converting traffic to your website.
  • Remind visitors to come back. Recapture traffic that may have become distracted or needed more time to think.
    Create a call to action. Create an offer to get customers to spend more

Our Goal When Managing Your Re-targeting Ad Campaign:

  • Maximize impressions
  • Maximize hyper targeted clicks
  • Optimize for the lowest cost per conversion