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Data Tracking

At Digital Red Zone we data track all of the information we receive about your business to better formulate plans for expansion.

What Is Data Tracking

How Can Data Tracking Improve Business?

While marketing data helps you to develop better products and services it will also help you to sell them. For example, determining which social networks your customers and potential customers frequent will help you to decide where to focus your online marketing efforts. If you are a local retailer, knowing where else your customers shop or whether they read the local newspaper will enable you to focus your marketing efforts better, and spend your budget more effectively.

The Top 5 Goals of Data Tracking

 Improve Data Analysis

Social Media Data

Customer Relationship Data

Improve Consumer Database

Track Lead Data

Discover Your Businesses Marketing Message To Your Customers

For example, if you are a tree service owner, information about how much importance your customers place on safety allows you to create a message that meets their needs. If you are a HVAC company and found that lots of customers cared about green energy products, you could change your product and service menu accordingly. Your data helps you separate from the competition by creating a marketing message that resonates with your potential customer.

Our Promise To You
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"Data tracking is the key to successful digital marketing. Without the data you are just guessing and that is something we just don’t do at Digital Red Zone.  We use data from various sources to target the customers your business wants, reduce ad cost and waste, and create content that people actually find useful."

Keir Anderson
CEO/Owner of Digital Red Zone

Data Analysis

We perform the data analysis after we have gathered the information needed to transform, remodel, and discover improvements for your business.

Data Analysis

Data Tracking Techniques

Data tracking can be applied to all aspects of a business. Whether it be financial data, different marketing techniques, or the inventory for your business, data tracking can help improve all aspects.

Data Tracking Methods

Customer Relationship Management

By tracking your current online brand we are able to check on how well your current customer relationships are and implement ways to improve.

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Lead Data

Lead data is very important because it allows us to know where your new customers are coming from. By collecting this data we are able to plan for the future of your business online.

Benefits of Data Tracking

Data tracking has many benefits. We use data tracking for all of our marketing plans to see how many viewers become clients. Data tracking is very crucial because it allows your company to view what has worked before and what has not.

Benefits of Data Tracking

Importance of Data Tracking

Data tracking is key element in building your business. By tracking your online presence, customer relationship date, and lead data we are able to create a plan to take your business into the Digital Red Zone.

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