Internet Marketing Plans To Get You Started On Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Before beginning an Internet marketing campaign 2 questions must be asked.

What is my competition doing that is working?

Can I get a return on investment?


internet marketing plan infographicA very smart man once said that you don’t ever want to be the pioneer. You want to follow them and improve upon what they have done. That’s where the profits are. The problem with being the pioneer is the vast amount of money required to make the mistakes necessary to come to a positive conclusion. That is why we let the competition lead the way and reverse engineer a marketing plan based on where the money is being spent because that tells us what is working. Whether it simply seeing a certain keyword at a higher cost vs other similar keywords in a niche market or seeing that a certain ad has run for a very long time we will find out what the competition is doing and improve upon it. We then have to crunch the numbers to see if the internet marketing campaign is viable and can produce a profit.

For example:

Assume a $200 profit per year per customer

We spend $100 in management (3 of every 5 business owners that run their own ads lose money this is the best $100 you can spend).

$300 adwords budget. Meaning you will spend $300.00 a month to generate clicks to your site. (The average budget for small businesses is $1,200 a month.)

Total ad spend is $400.00

At an average cost per click of $5, with the number of clicks per month at 60, and an low conversion rate of 5% you should gain 3 sales or 3 new clients.

If a client is worth $200 a year the ad campaign results in $600 in sales (3 new clients from the ads) minus the ad spend of $400 and an immediate profit of $200 from the campaign. Now if you do a good job and retain the customer for years to come the profit grows even more year over year.

So in the above example the campaign can turn a profit and thus generates a return on your investment.


So how dinternet-marketing-plan-icono you figure out all of the above?

We construct an internet marketing report for your business that will show what your competitors are doing and create a detailed a plan of action based on factors that we uncover in the report.

Our marketing report will detail the following for your niche:

The top websites in your niche based on bookmarks. Many times these links we uncover are educational in nature andintenrnettrafficicon give us some insight into what content your customers are looking for.

The top websites for your niche based on overall traffic. We find the top websites based on traffic for your niche to see why so many people are going there. What can we do to create similar content to attract more hits.

The top websites for local rankings in your niche. Most small businesses operate in a geographic area. We find out what the top sites are in your area for your niche. Local organic traffic is the best converted traffic in digital media marketing and we want to reverse engineer your competition so that we can get you ranked with our SEO service. We will find out what local citations (links) are helping your competition move up the rankings and look to improve upon the content they offer to get you placed at the top.socialmediaiconfacebook

The top viral content being shared across the internet through social media for your niche. We find out what people are sharing so we can boost your company’s social media campaign. It is a great way to find content ideas for your website as well.

The demographic breakdown from Facebook for your niche market. Learn what makes up your perfect customer demographic. This helps us identify the target market to create and grow your audience.

youtubeiconThe top videos in your niche. We find out what the most viewed videos and what the top videos are in the YouTube search engine for your niche. This lets us see what content people are viewing and lets us tap into this traffic for you by creating expert content for your business.

The top Ads running for your keywords. We find out who is spending money on ads for your keywords and show you the top running ads based on impressions and length of time running. This lets us uncover the best keywords for ads and gives us the blueprint for writing ads that convert based on what is working in your niche.

The top keywords for your niche. We will identify what keywords provide the most value and generate hits that lead to sales for your business.



We take all the info we gather in order to create the perfect Ad copy for your internet marketing campaign. We will:

  • Identify where we want to have the most frequency for your ad placement.
  • Learn what emotional response to use to get the viewers attention.
  • Help uncover what power words are being used to sell in your niche.
  • Uncover what social proof is being used to sell in your niche.
  • Learn what graphic images are being used effectively to create an emotional message.
  • Uncover what call to action your competition is using to close the deal.

This amazing and thorough report save $1000’s in wasted ad spend as it allows you to target market more efficiently in your niche. Move your marketing efforts into the Digital Red Zone