What Is Brand Reputation?

Brand Reputation is how a brand/company is viewed by people whether it be in a positive or negative way. A bad brand reputation can cause a small business much trouble mainly because it will cause distrust with potential customers. In today's world brand marketing is becoming much more complex with the introduction of much more online marketing. This can work to the advantage or disadvantage based on how previous clients view your company. At Digital Redzone we work to boost the premier aspects of our clients businesses to shut out all reviews.

what is brand reputation

Brand reputation is a must have intangible asset for any organization. Over the past decade technology has brought much change to the way we view brands and organizations because of how easy it is to access organizations through online marketing. Initially the brand was promoted through on-site locations like stores, etc. This also means customers would give feedback on a product through one-on-one feedback. Now almost all brands and businesses are able to promote themselves or a product through digital marketing, social media marketing, or digital ads. This means it is much easier for customers to leave good or bad reviews about a product or service so businesses need to be much more aware of the brand they present to customers. By creating a good brand reputation businesses are able to promote themselves in much better light to attract and keep customers.