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responsive web design

What is web design?

It seems like you get a different answer to the above question depending upon who you ask. Creating a web page that can be seen on a computer would be the simplest answer or making a web page look great would be another. At Digital Red Zone we believe that creating a website that is easily found in the search engines, visible on all screen sizes and devices, while providing the user with a great experience and the website owner a return on investment is what web design is all about.

So what makes our web design better for small business?

We understand that you want a clean responsive design that shows off your business to prospective customers. We also understand the marketing principles necessary to turn your site’s traffic into buyers. We create content from our very own design template using neuromarketing principles that convert. We show off your business’s products and service in a way that educates the consumer while creating a need for the product or service. Rather than saying “Joe’s Business does x or y” we have a specific manner in which we lay out the content to make the customer aware of the problem you solve and why you are the best business to solve it which leads to a higher conversion rate.

Why pay a web design firm when you can get a free site somewhere else?

You have heard the old adage that you get what you pay for right? Ask yourself, how can a company offering a FREE product spend millions on advertising? They can’t. A free site is a value trigger to get you locked into a program of unrelenting up sells that will end up costing you dearly. The fact of the matter is that the discount sites do not perform and end up costing the business more money in wasted effort and time. The real catch with a “free” site is that they many times own your domain or will nickel and dime you for any upgrade to your service. Let’s face it a free site is worth what you pay and will be very costly down the line. We have seen many clients start off with a discount website whether they do it themselves or hire a family member to do it and in most cases we have seen the following:

  • They waste hours and hours trying to figure out what to do, then the end result still looks awful and doesn’t perform the intended functions.
  • They waste hours and hours trying to figure out what to do, then get frustrated and hire someone anyway usually in a rush and still don’t get what they wanted.
  • They immediately go hire a discount designer, then end up hiring us to fix what the designer broke or was unable to complete.
  • They pay for another design within a year of the DIY job because it wasn’t what they wanted.

Time is money and every day that you do not have a visible site in the search engines that converts into sales costs your business thousands of dollars.

Consider this: What does my website actually do for my business? Do people use your website to learn about what you offer? Make appointments? Purchase products? Find your phone number? You wouldn’t hire your family member to produce a TV commercial for you small business and you wouldn’t expect the commercial to be run on air for free. Spending hours a day on your own site ends up costing you time you could be spending in your business actually making money doing whatever it is you are an expert at. Your digital presence is too important so if you don’t hire us please hire someone. Your website is your central hub for all your marketing efforts and investing in it will determine how successful your business will be in the future.

What else does good web design entail?

Proper web design should mean that your site is safe and secure. We have all heard about large corporations getting hacked. Did you know this can happen to your site as well? We take efforts to keep the hackers out with software designed to keep out brute force attacks (the most common attack) that try to log into your site and embed malware and harmful code.

Professional web design should keep pace with marketing trends and make the latest selling tools available to you so that your web campaign is always moving forward and improving. We are always investing in tools and learning the latest marketing practices to keep your web campaign cutting edge.

Web design is always evolving and your site should be too. Whether it is the latest code or just keeping the site fresh we are always looking for new content ideas to keep your small business site current and up to date. At Digital Red Zone we don’t believe in a 1 and done web strategy we are always looking for ways to improve our client’s presentation.

Our goal for your small business website is to do the following:

Tell your core story.

  • Thoroughly explain the problem that exists to your potential customer.
  • Show off your business as the best solution to that problem.
  • Use case study examples to make you the authority in what it is you do.
  • Convert the visitors into customers.
  • Make your website a tool for your business.