Free SEO

Many businesses have entrusted there digital domain to "free SEO agencies". Nine out of ten times these agencies are hackers trying to gain access to your online brand and destroy it purposely or by accident. We like to use the old saying, "you get what you pay for". Meaning if you pay someone nothing for a service you will probably get nothing in return. These hackers are all to common and we highly recommend you check the background of who you entrust with your online presence.

free seo

One of this biggest factors in ranking SEO is the links pointing to your site. In general, the site with the most notable links, wins. These links can come from Google, sponsored events, blog posts, and other social media platforms. Meaning if you hire someone for cheap SEO more than likely they will not take the time to create high quality links that come back to your site. The problem with creating high quality links is the search engines will never tell you exactly what a high quality link is; this is done so people do not take advantage of this to get higher rankings. At Digital Red Zone we have many databases to monitor your websites links to make sure they are up to par and all search engines are boosting your websites presence. We are a digital marketing agency that loves to watch our sites grow with organic search traffic.