Reputation Management Strategies

We get positive content like directory citations, reviews, blog posts and news articles to show up when people search your company. By doing this the top ten results for your company’s name will be overwhelming positive and the negative content is buried deep down on other SERPs that people are much less likely to view. Directory citations are still significantly important for establishing your company’s brand online. We have accumulated a list with dozens of directories we know help grow a business’ reputation. Many of these directories are industry specific.

reputation management strategies

When it comes to customers that leave reviews, it is important to engage the positive and negative content. If a satisfied customer leave a positive review, acknowledge them with a respectful response. If a unsatisfied customer leaves a negative review, saying nothing is still a response. You should always take pride in your business and if a customer is not satisfied it is important to attempt to fix the problem. This will not only show you take pride in your service but other customers will notice this and it will boost your business' reputation. Studies have shown that 77% of customers will leave a review if asked. If you work closely with your customers you can ask them personally, send an email, or create a questionnaire about their experience with your business.