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Social Media Marketing Strategies

Engage! If you don’t share or like why would anyone want to see what you post (or at least that’s how Facebook sees it). Remember post affinity! Post content that is closely related to the viewer. Ask questions! Create a conversation. People that like your page and have private messaged you have a greater chance of seeing what you post in the future.

social media marketing strategies

Content creation plays a major role in how you promote your business online because it differs from personal content creation in a major way. When posting content to promote your brand/business it is very important to create content for your targeted audience. The goal is to create more engagements with the targeted audience by posting content they like or resonate with. One of the best advantages of having a strong Social Media Marketing presence is the marketplace awareness social media provides. Marketplace awareness is understanding what the needs of your target audience is and that is the beauty of social media, they will tell you what they need!