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Top Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Let the digital marketing experts at Digital Red Zone educate you about the digital marketing strategies that are available and how they can work for you. We can put a custom marketing plan together for your business which will allow you to grow and adapt over time while using the most effective marketing services available. Your success online is our success!

Do You Feel Like You Can't Get Out Of Gear And Score With Your Internet Marketing?

Are you doing things just to do them with no real plan of action?


So What Are Our 7 Power Sources For Internet Marketing ?

We numbered these power sources in overall effectiveness as individual factors based on our experience and seeing how they have impacted our clients. Many clients add to their campaign over the years as they grow. As you add another digital channel these power sources start to compound upon each other and help the business brand itself and gain market share exponentially. When you have all 7 power sources working for your business your internet marketing campaign is in the Digital Red Zone.

  1. Personal Contact: As of yet there is nothing more powerful for a business than a top notch sales person or customer representative. Personal contact is as old as time and as a business grows they need help generating potential customers. They can't be prospecting while they are closing deals so a business must create a system to feed them new prospects to talk too.
  2. Website: With the dawn of the digital age a company's website has become the center hub of all their marketing efforts. With proper web design your site can be a digital sales machine and a tool for your company.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Creating content that make you the authority about topics that your customers are looking for drives organic search traffic to your website. Nothing converts into sales better than being found in the search engines. Doing some form of search engine marketing is an absolute must if you want to be a top brand.
  4. Social Media: Using social media to keep your message in front of your customer base and attract new ones is an affordable way to keep with the rule that you need to touch your customers 7 times a year. Branding properly through this medium helps drive repeat business and creates an engaged audience looking forward to seeing what your company is doing.
  5. Digital Advertisements: Whether it is through Google Ads, Facebook Ads or creating solo ads on local news channels driving traffic to your site through this medium is a must. Advertising has changed since the invention of the internet but now with digital ads you can both brand your company and drive new customer traffic looking for your product or service to your website. Inbound marketing has proven to be more effective in the digital age.
  6. Email Marketing: We could argue that this is the most effective form of advertising but the other principles are needed to grow ones list. Unlike direct mail email marketing is very affordable and effective. This is a wonderful way to stay in front of past, present, and prospective customers and increase referrals.
  7. Customer Education: Using YouTube, GoToMeeting, or Video Sales letters it has never been easier or more effective to educate your clients. Creating great educational videos, webinars, or video sales letters are great ways to show off your authority on any topic and can be great resources for your sales team. A great example would be to send out information on best uses or care info about your product or service.
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Need Help With A Digital Marketing Plan?

Our first step is to get to know you and your company. We will take at look at what you are doing well now, what needs to be improved, and what areas you are missing in your current strategy. The second step will be to reverse engineer what your competition is doing that is working well for them.

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Do I Need To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

If your business wants to maximize the return on investment for your digital marketing dollar (ROI) and have a team of experts that can work with your company to constantly improve your numbers and lower your acquisition cost then yes hiring a digital marketing agency is a must. The cost of educating an in-house marketing manager to know all that they must master is far too expensive and time consuming. We work with in house marketing managers all the time to help with the technical aspects of running a digital marketing campaign and keeping them up to date with the latest techniques, marketing technology, and what we know is working. Hiring us as your digital marketing agency is far more affordable and effective than trying to form you own in house team.

Are all digital marketing agencies the same?

Every digital marketer has their strengths and weaknesses. After over a decade of managing digital marketing strategies for just about every niche in locations throughout the country we have found that our greatest impact is in the small business sector. Working as your digital marketing company, Digital Red Zone believes that relationships matter, and we want to foster a long-term strong partnership between our marketing team and our client’s needs. We have come up with a digital marketing growth strategy that allows our clients to scale up and grow as we prove our value with our marketing efforts. We believe in coordinating all your company's digital marketing assets together to provide a consistent brand and message everywhere your prospective customers are looking. An efficient digital marketing strategy takes advantage of multiple digital marketing channels to reach your preferred target audience and generate sales.


I can't tell you how helpful Keir at Digital Red Zone is. He put me on the map and has continued to achieve great results with every digital marketing product we have used. Digital Red Zone is the number 1 internet marketing company in my experience (trust me i have tried many others).
Rating: 5 stars
Teran B.
Keir and Garden City Business Solutions helped my company get through some very tough times. The extra jobs that came through the internet were just what we needed to make it in this tough economy. They said it wouldn't happen over night, it would take a little work, and it would be worth it. They are right! Thanks guys!
Rating: 5 stars
Greg C.
We are a red zone member which means they basically handle all of our digital marketing needs from web site design to social media and couldn't be happier.
Rating: 5 stars
Insurance Shopping Experts
I recently ran into another local business man in the Post Office and we got to talking about our businesses. When I told him I was looking for someone to drive traffic to my website he highly recommended Keir Anderson with Digital Red Zone. When I contacted Mr. Anderson he explained what he did with websites and after a few moments I had 100% confidence that Keir new what he was talking about. I hired Digital Red Zone to do my Web Optimization . I really liked the way Keir jumped on the project instantly. He got my website moving up to the top of the search engines very fast. He also works very hard all the time to keep it moving up and to keep it to the top of the search engines.
Rating: 5 stars
Grant Z.

Digital Marketing News

Digital Marketing Agency Stats To Know


  1. 102.6 trillion emails are sent and received each year, and that number is rising. (OptinMonster)
  2. On average, email marketing has a 4400% ROI. (OptinMonster)
  3. Thanks to implementing a social selling program, IBM boosted sales by 400%. (IBM)
  4. 55% of buyers do research via social media. (IBM)
  5. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost. (Invesp)
  6. 66% of people says that email nurturing was the best way to reengage leads. (Databox)
  7. 90% of people who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. (Dimensional Research)
  8. Nearly 70% of online consumers look at a product review prior to making a purchase. (OptinMonster)
  9. Google receives over 77,000 searches per second. (Internet Live Stats)
  10. 90% of web pages get zero organic traffic from Google. (Databox)