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Bing Webmaster Tools now includes IndexNow Insights and a top SEO insights report

Microsoft updated Bing Webmaster tools with helpful insights and new reports that will help you improve your site’s performance on Bing, and Search in general. Bing Webmaster Tools now has an IndexNow Insights Report that provides more information than just URLs. Bing also added a new top SEO insights report that shows you your top SEO issues.

Fabrice Canel, the Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, announced this today at PubCon and published the news on the

. IndexNow now has 2.5 billion URLs, up from the 1.2 billion submitted six months ago. Also, IndexNow accounts for 17% of new URLs clicked in web search results Canel added.Bing blogIndexNow Insights reporting

The new

provides you “with actionable insights on IndexNow submitted URLs to boost their visibility and rankings,” Fabrice Canel wrote. This report provides both high-level metrics as well as detailed reports. Original report displayed URLs submitted within the last 24 hours. This report also shows URLs that were not discovered using IndexNow but rather through crawling or other means. The report also shows the URLs that were not discovered using IndexNow but rather through crawling or other means.IndexNow InsightsHere is a screenshot of the report:

New IndexNow report:

IndexNow Top InsightsIndexNow Top Insights

Here are the features now available in version two of this report:Learn about issues with crawled URLs and the status of your submitted URLs.

  • Receive detailed reports on the number of URLs submitted, crawled, and indexed.
  • Learn about your latest 1,000 submitted URLs, including their;
  • index status
    • first indexed date
    • and whether they were submitted late.
    • Get insights into the source of your URL submissions, whether through Cloudflare, WordPress, manual submission, or other means.
  • The “Important URLs Missing” tab shows you which newly discovered links are getting clicked but were not recently visible in IndexNow.
  • Detailed information on individual errors, including content quality, robots disallowed, not crawled, indexed, and deadlinks.
  • Drill down for further details on non-indexed URLs, sample URLs, submission times, and mitigation steps to getting URLs indexed.
  • You can also export indexing trends for further analysis or reporting.
  • Top SEO Insights report

A new list of issues and insights now appear at the top of the Bing Webmaster Tools screen named Top Insights. The Top Insights report shows you the curated and ranked list of SEO issues Bing identified for your site. Microsoft

“Top Insights” introduces a set of personalized and prioritized suggestions that enable webmasters identify and focus on most important tasks for website optimization. Top Insights will show you content quality issues, how to improve indexing coverage, help you track progress and impact, or optimizing structured data and backlinks.

Here is a sample from my site:wroteHere is a screenshot of a drill down report with more details:

Microsoft also updated its Bing Webmaster Tools navigation, which removed the SEO section and just lists out those items in the main section. Plus there were some other minor navigation tweaks, like if you don’t use Bing URL submission, that won’t show in the navigation.

Top InsightsTop Insights

Here is the new navigation bar:


Why we care

If you have not yet adopted IndexNow, you probably should investigate what it would take to make it work for your website. Cloudflare users can toggle on IndexNow with a simple switch. Many CMS platforms also support IndexNow. IndexNow is a way for website owners to inform search engines instantly about the latest changes made on their site. IndexNow is an easy ping protocol that lets search engines know when a URL or its content have been updated or deleted. This allows search engines to reflect the change quickly in their search results. IndexNow was fully operational last month, in January 2022. How it works.

Bwt Nav BarBwt Nav Bar

The protocol is very simple — all you need to do is create a key on your server, and then post a URL to the search engine to notify IndexNow-participating search engines of the change. The steps include:

Generate a key supported by the protocol using the


Host the key in text file named with the value of the key at the root of your web site.Start submitting URLs when your URLs are added, updated, or deleted. You can submit a single URL or multiple URLs in a single API call.

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