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Google announces major SPN updates and removes opt-out options

Google is giving advertisers more control over ad placement within the Search Partner Network.

From March 4, advertisers using Performance Max will have access to impression-level placement reporting of Search Partner Network sites.

Additionally, if you exclude certain ad placements at the account level, it will now apply to the Search Partner Network, as well as YouTube and display ads, according to Ad Age.

Why now? Adalytics reported that Google was placing ads on non-Google sites with inappropriate content, including pornographic and sanctioned websites. Google denied the claims, saying Adalytics has a track record of publishing inaccurate reports that misrepresent Google’s products.Changes

. Prior to the Adalytics Report being published in November, Pmax campaigns had been automatically added to the Search Partner Network. They could not opt-out. Other campaigns were automatically opted in to search partners, but advertisers could opt out. Google has temporarily allowed Pmax users who are following the Adalytics Report to opt out from search partner inventory up until March 1, 2019. Google now provides advertisers with unprecedented insight and control of ad placement in the Search Partner Network as this option will be removed. Why we care. Advertisers will have better control over their ads and gain more insight into how they are placed within the Search Partner Network. This enables them to address concerns about their ads being placed near inappropriate content, safeguarding their brand reputation.What is the Search Partner Network?

The Search Partner Network consists of websites and apps that collaborate with Google to display search ads. The network includes Google properties like YouTube and Google Discover. Additionally, it encompasses numerous other websites that may not be directly associated with typical search activities.

Why are campaigns added to the SPN? Google opts campaigns are opted into the Search Partner Network because the search engine claims it sees “a measurable improvement” in clicks and conversion when advertisers extend their reach to these sites.” Opting into the SPN can enable advertiser to reach customers on sites like YouTube.

What is Adalytics? Adalytics is a crowd-sourced advertising performance optimization platform that was set up to review and improve the digital advertising landscape. Get the daily newsletter that search marketers depend on.

Deep diving.You can read more about Adalytics investigation in its report “

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