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Reddit outranks Google in this article about the complaint.

The irony here is that Reddit currently outranks story – no joke. Reddit is ranking above HouseFresh in Google’s rankings. Here is a screenshot of a search done on

How Google is killing independent sites like ours, where Reddit is ranking higher than the original website that published the article, HouseFresh. The Reddit article links back to the original!

The issue. The complaints aren’t new. Google has received complaints for years about larger sites outranking small sites. Matt Cutts a former Googler posted about this in a asking site owners to provide examples of smaller websites that should be ranked higher. It’s not always the case, but when the content comes from an original source, and has all the helpful content and EEAT components, why should Reddit rank higher? Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison said, [Google is killing independent sites]: “My thoughts that I would like to see more done to ensure that we are showing a greater diversity of results, that includes both large and small publications. “I hope that we will be doing better for these types issues in the future,” he concluded. He wrote later:

Housefresh Outranked By RedditHousefresh Outranked By Reddit

He added that he had raised the issue of “big sites versus small sites” in the past. We should reward the best content regardless of website size. As I said before, I’m hoping we can improve. began ranking highly in Google search results. If you want to find out more about Reddit specifically, you should read decade ago.”

Why we care. Does this mean that smaller publishers will never be able rank high in Google Search because of this? No. Does this mean that smaller publishers will have a harder time ranking higher than large publishers? Not necessarily. It’s not easy to earn your niche and do well, but it is possible. You can do it, but it’s not easy. Google has made promises for decades to provide a more diverse set of search results, but have they been kept? Google is it a promise they want to keep? Does it matter if the searcher reads the article on Reddit, or the original website? Does Google care about this?

For smaller publishers, it is a waiting game as we wait for Google’s new update to the search algorithm that will hopefully resolve some of our concerns. We will write about the update when Google releases it.

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