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Twitter launched three new options for ad targeting

Twitter just launched new targeting options for ad targeting, including a new Conversions’ objective that they first announced back in August.

The new “Conversions” objective. Advertisers can now focus their ads on the users most likely to take specific actions.

Previously, Twitter advertisers could optimize their campaigns to target clicks, site visits, conversions, and other metrics. Now you can optimize for page views and content views, add to-cart, purchases, and other factors.

The updates were released right before Thanksgiving, but they were announced in August. What Twitter has to say.

What Twitter says. add-to-cart, purchase).”So instead of just aiming to reach people who are likely to tap on your ad, you can expand that focus to reach users that are more likely to take next-step actions beyond that, like:


  • Purchase
  • Register contact info
  • Subscribe
  • “Our user-level algorithms will then target with greater relevance, reaching people most likely to meet your specific goal – at 25% lower cost-per-conversion on average, per initial testing.”

Dynamic Product Ads.

Dynamic Product Ads were initially launched in 2016 (a version at least). But this new update integrates a more privacy-focused approach, in order to optimize ad performance with potentially fewer signals.Collection Ads.

The Collection Ads format allows advertisers to share a primary image and smaller thumbnails below it.Twitter states, “The primary image is static, but people can scroll horizontally through the thumbnails.” Each image can be tapped to drive consumers to a different landing site.

Dive deeper.

Read the complete article on . Twitter blogRead the full article on the

. These updates had been in the works for several months and were likely to be almost finished when Musk took control. Advertisers on Twitter should still test the new ad options and features to determine if they are worthwhile.

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