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Google Search introduces a new spam policy to circumvent its policies

Google posted the new policy

, which reads: over hereGoogle published the new policy

. It states:

We may take appropriate actions if you attempt to bypass our content or spam policies for Google Search. We could also restrict or remove eligibility for certain search features, such as Top Stories and Discover. Circumvention includes but is not limited to creating or using multiple sites or other methods intended to distribute content or engage in a behavior that was previously prohibited.”The penalty.

Google said if you violate this new policy, Google may restrict or remove the content from showing up in search or for some search features.What is a policy circumvention?

In simple terms, this is any action that you take to circumvent the Google Search spam and content policies. We care. Google Search’s content and spam policies are essential for SEO services. Although this is a new policy, the logic behind it matches most of the Google Search spam policies. You should not try to manipulate Google Search’s ranking algorithm. If you do, your site could be removed from Search Engine Land

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