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LinkedIn Ads now offers dynamic UTMs to track campaigns

LinkedIn is launching a new solution for monitoring campaign performance without third-party cookies.

Dynamic UTMs, which will be available to all users globally by the end of March, simplify adding custom tracking elements to campaign URLs, improving tracking accuracy.

Previously, marketers had to manually create UTM parameters for their campaigns, but with Dynamic UTMs, this process is automated.

What are UTMs? UTMs, or Urchin Tracking Module Parameters, are short pieces of text that you add to the end your ad’s destination URL. They can help track the source of a click. For example, you can add tracking parameters to help measure how many clicks to your website were from a specific campaign or placement.

Why we care. UTMs allow marketers to measure the performance of a campaign, even in an environment that is privacy-conscious, since they do not rely on IP addresses or third-party cookies. Manually creating UTMs can be inefficient, time-consuming and prone errors. This solution looks address these challenges.

Supported URL tracking parameters. You can add static and dynamic URL parameter to your campaign (see screenshot below). Deep dive.

Dynamic Linkedin UtmDynamic Linkedin Utm

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