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Google Performance Reports updates the way it counts clicks on job listings and detail pages

Google has changed the way it counts clicks, impressions, and job listings and detail pages in its Search Console performance report. If you filter by job listings or detail pages, you may see an increase in impressions and clicks. This is because Google now evaluates this data differently. There were no changes made to Google Search. Instead, Google changed the way it reports these appearances in Search Console. The change was made on January 9, 2024. What Google said. Google posted that this update

went into effect Janaury 9th. Google wrote:

Search console has changed how it counts and evaluates impressions and clicks in . You may notice an increase in impressions and clicks on your job pages. This is not a growth in the job experience, but a change to the way Search Console reports the impressions and the clicks. hereAgain Google has not made any changes in how or where the job listings and detail page appear within Google Search. This was a simple reporting change within Google Search Console.

How are these metrics calculated? job listing and detail pagesGoogle has provided more information on this in its help documentation. You can find them in the help documentation. This is why you may notice an increase in impressions and clicks for job listings and detail pages. This is to let you know that it’s just a change in reporting and not a change made by Google or anything else.

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