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X launches revenue sharing program for creator ads

X has officially rolled out its creator ads revenue sharing program.

The new feature enables users to share revenue from verified content creators’ impressions of ads in replies to content posted on the social networking platform.

Elon Musk’s platform, previously known as Twitter, has introduced this new tool as part of X’s mission to enable people to “earn a living” by posting on its site.

Why we care. Musk has been trying to rebrand Twitter as X after a drop in ad revenues following his takeover of the site last year. This new feature is a turning point for the platform. This program has helped many creators to secure early payouts that are helping to revive interest in the brand. The eligibility requirements are high, even though the payouts have been impressive. Who is eligible?

In order to be considered for the creator ads revenue sharing program, your account must meet the following criteria:Subscribed to Blue or Verified Organizations.

  1. Have at least 15M impressions on cumulative posts within the last three months.
  2. Have at least 500 followers
  3. If your account meets these conditions, you’ll then need to ensure you have an account with Stripe – X’s payment processor. You will then need to adhere X’s

, such as the Ads Revenue Share Terms or the X-Creator Monetization Standards. How it worksRules. Click on ‘Join to setup payouts’ to be redirected to Stripe, X’s payment processor. Set up a Stripe Account to receive your share. This is the account that you will use to transfer money to your external account. What has X stated?

X made the announcement via a post in its . The statement read:

  1. “We want to make the process as simple as we can, so all eligible X Blue subscribers and Verified Organizations members are entitled to share revenue as long as they meet eligibility criteria and sign up. Users will be able apply for both Ads Revenue Share and Creator Subscriptions by accessing the Monetization section in Settings. “
  2. “. While all eligible users can choose to participate in the Ads revenue share program, if they are found to be violating the Ads revenue share terms, such as the Creator Monetization Standards or the X Rules for example, then you could be removed from the program. “
  3. Deep dive
  4. . You can read Twitter’s

to learn more about its revenue sharing program.

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