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Twitter has created 2 new video features

Twitter has just launched two new video products to help users watch and discover new content in the app.

1. Immersive viewing and easy discovery

This new feature expands videos to full screen by simply clicking on the video in the Twitter app. When the video is in full-screen mode, users can scroll up to browse additional video content.

This feature will be available on iOS and Android in select countries in English.

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2. Showing more videos in Explore

A new video carousel makes it easier to find more videos you’re interested in next to Tweets and Trends that might interest you. You can access these videos by opening the Explore tab.

This feature will be available on iOS and Android in select countries in English.

How Twitter uses Signals to show you more content. Twitter announced the usage of Signals to show users more content that’s relevant. Twitter uses Signals and shows you that content based on your past likes, comments, and followers.

Dig deeper. Read the announcement from Twitter here.

Why we care. Twitter is following in Instagram’s footsteps by adopting a TikTok-like aesthetic. Brands who use Twitter should optimize their video content for the new placements and full-screen feature. They should also ensure that their content is relevant, timely, and accurate.

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