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Shorts ads are now available on YouTube

Marketers are reporting that they can now choose Short ads as a video format, integrate them with in-stream ads and combine them with in-feed advertisements. For the first time, marketers are reporting that they can choose the Short ads video format and integrate them with the in-stream ads. They also report the ability to combine these with the in-feed ads. PPC consultant Kristian Maltzahn, who was the first to flag the feature on

, told Search Engine Land:

“YouTube the Shorts format is what everyone is talking about right now, so I’m really excited about this!”

The Shorts format opens up for a whole new way of approaching YouTube Ads. YouTube ads are still relevant and interesting, as they have been for many years. I think YouTube chose not to make the format exclusively available for marketers at first, in order to ensure that users wouldn’t be introduced with a new format that was pumped full of ads.”

“I think YouTube Shorts is welcoming this form of demand and allows marketers embrace it.” I think YouTube chose not to make the format exclusively available for marketers at first, to make sure that users wouldn’t be introduced to a new format that was pumped full of ads.” “So the fact that YouTube are now opening up for more exclusively advertising on Shorts, I think is a testament to how quickly the format has gained popularity.”LinkedInGetting started.

  • To check if the YouTube Shorts ad format is available on your YouTube Ads account, go to:
  • Create Campaign.
  • Choose “Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.”
  • Select “Video.”

If the feature is available on your account, you will find it under Video in the Efficient Reach section.Expansion

  • . Google Ads plans to expand the feature to other video campaign formats soon. Google’s spokesperson told Search Engine Land that:
  • “Ads on shorts launched in 2022, and we announced this year new Shorts awareness ads solutions.” That highlighted the beta inclusion of Shorts in Video reach campaigns and the pilot of YouTube Select Run of Shorts lineups.”
  • “Shorts in Video reach campaigns are now generally available to all advertisers, but YouTube Select Run of Shorts lineups remain in limited pilots.”
  • “The new YouTube Select lineups are Shorts-specific. And with the evolution of Video reach campaigns, advertisers can opt in to just Shorts or other surfaces, should they choose.”

“YouTube is a dynamic platform, so advertisers are encouraged to take advantage of the solutions that allow them to achieve their goals fluidly across formats.”Deep dive

. Read our guide to getting your YouTube Shorts noticed for tips and tricks for maximum engagement.

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