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Insurance Shopping Experts

We took an old dead insurance website and gave it new life!

Insurance Agency Marketing

Independent insurance companies face an uphill battle to generate business online. This is one of the most competitive markets due to having to compete with some of the largest companies in the world. This means you are dealing with a very hard market to rank in search engines and super expensive ad costs.

What we did to gain market share online:

Web design: Complete overhaul of the website to include more info that both current and potential customers would find useful. Revamped their online quote forms to make the forms easier to complete.

Logo design: We created both a new logo and an icon named Shoppy for the insurance agency so that we could create a strong branding campaign.

Search Engine Optimization: Our first step (and it wasn't easy) was to fix Insurance Shopping Experts digital footprint. We started by optimizing the website for both on page and off page relevant informational search queries and owned our brand search withing Google. Second we created geo landing pages to drive search traffic in specific geographic areas. This is an on going process and something that has to be managed constantly in such a competitive market.

Location data management: Due to the fact this business has moved several times over the years we have had to constantly monitor and clean up their location data in multiple directories. This is a necessary step to help the company move up in the maps listings. The problem is old data resurfaces constantly and we then must take steps to make sure the correct location data is being shown.

Social media management: With the help of our social media tool we have created a consistent social media campaign across multiple social media platforms with the purpose of branding and informational content. We periodically run like campaigns to generate more likes on Facebook.

Display advertisements: We help Insurance Shopping Experts create brand awareness by running image ads through the display network on local news websites and apps. We specifically target geographic areas with these ads to keep our ad spend down and make sure the target audience is relevant.

Google ads: We run very targeted google ad campaigns periodically to capture a larger segment of the local marketplace. The cost for clicks in this market is very expensive so our focus is on smaller geographic areas and hyper targeted keywords that target people buying the product rather than a general keyword search.

ADA compliance: We added a widget for Americans with disabilities compliance.

Text dashboard: We converted their business line to have the ability to text. We created a dashboard to manage all the text correspondence so it will be easier to manage than texting through the agents cell phones.

Social media ads: Periodically we run geo targeted social media ads for brand awareness and to generate page follows.

Content creation: We create articles for both offsite and onsite publishing. We create videos for their gmb pages and YouTube.

Email marketing: We create and manage an email marketing list to stay top of mind with their clients. Segregated by product we are able to send useful information to their clients and help generate more referrals and sales.

Referral marketing: We create contests to generate referral traffic and sales.

About Insurance Shopping Experts

Insurance Shopping Experts is an independent insurance agency specializing in property and casualty insurance products. They are able to shop the best rate with the top insurance companies for their clients. Their products include auto insurance, home insurance, boat insurance, renters insurance, commercial auto insurance, and classic car insurance. Insurance Shopping Experts operates in the state of South Carolina with a focus on Irmo, Columbia, Chapin, and Lexington.

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