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Google News bug affects publisher traffic

Google has said that it is working to fix the issue, but this may result in a decrease in traffic from Google News. Google said it is working to fix the issue but the issue may result in a decrease in traffic from Google News.

Google’s statement. Google posted the following statement on its Google Search Status Report

: “There is an ongoing indexing issue in Google News which affects all sites. Google News may be causing a drop in traffic to some sites. Next update will be within 24 hours.” The next update will come within 24 hours.”John Müller of Google tweeted about this:sayingCan affect traffic. There are many publishers who complain about Google News traffic problems. Google News Publisher


Why We Care. If you have noticed a drop in traffic from Google News to your site over the last few weeks and it is part of Google News, this could be due to a Google News indexing problem. Google has now acknowledged the problem and is working to fix it.

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