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Google launches 2 new tools for customer acquisition and asset creation

Google’s Search Ads Week started with two new tools that will help advertisers create faster creatives and deliver better performance.

  • Create brand new assets using Google’s AI
  • New customer acquisition goals

Now all advertisers can access the open beta for automatically generated asset. New improvements to assets are coming. As part of this update, the following improvements will roll out in the coming weeks:Ad Strength will take into account both automatically created assets and your existing assets when determining your rating.

Automatically created assets will use inputs you’ve provided such as your keywords to customize your headlines and improve their relevance to the query when it’s predicted to improve performance.

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You’ll also be able to remove any automatically created assets that you’d prefer not to include in your ads.

  • Additional languages for automatically created assets will be launched later this year.
  • Connect with new customers on Search.
  • A new customer acquisition goal for Search campaigns has been launched globally. This goal uses Smart Bidding and first party data to optimize campaigns, and attract new customers during peak times. By combining the new customer acquisition goal with bidding strategies like Maximize conversion value with a target ROAS, advertisers can prioritize and target high-value customers.

Early adopters.

Numerous businesses have already utilized this goal to reach out to potential new customers. Baltic Born, a fashion retailer with a high revenue growth goal, is one example. Baltic Born, a fashion retailer, implemented a new customer acquisition goal for Search and a value-based bid strategy to increase their customer base. As a result, they were able to achieve a 73% increase in new customers and a 36% rise in revenue.The new customer acquisition goal has two modes that help you to reach your campaign goals:

Value New Customer: Bid higher for new customers than for existing customers.New Customers Only: Bid for new customers only.

Dig deeper.

  • Learn more about the new tools at the
  • Website. Register for Search Ads Week

. Why do we care? Google Ads HelpWhy we care. Smart Bidding and first party data are used to optimize campaigns during peak times. This makes it easier for businesses find and prioritize high-value customers. here

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