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Google launched three new ad creation tools

Google has just announced two new tools in an attempt to make the process of creating ads and collaborating with team members much easier.

1. Asset storage and organization

Multiple team members trying to access images and videos can be a tedious process. Google’s new Asset Library attempts to solve that issue by creating a visual-first database where colleagues can upload, download, and share assets from current and past campaigns. 

The Asset Library is currently available for Performance Max, Discovery, App, Local, and Display campaigns as well as some extensions. When you’re ready to create or edit a new campaign, simply access the library and click on the appropriate assets. 

2. Create video ads for YouTube

Last week we reported the launch of the Ads Creative Studio, which is intended on giving creators a new platform for customizing video and display ads. Today they announced a new feature allowing advertisers to quickly create video ads for YouTube.

The templates are made specifically for YouTube and designed “to help drive results,” although we suggest testing these templates against your current ads.

3. Voice-over audio

Google reports that videos with voice-over drive better performance. So they have also released a voice-over audio feature integrated into the video creation tool. The feature uses Google’s speech-to-text technology and is accessible through the asset library. There are seven voices available and the languages include English, Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish and Swedish.

Read the blog. You can read the blog announcement about these new features here. Google Ads Liason Ginny Marvin also made the announcement on Twitter.

Why we care. These new features seem helpful, but like with any new release, advertisers should test before diving in. If you’re working with a team and creating multiple video ads for YouTube, try the new tools out and let us know on Twitter what you think.

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