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Google Extended does not prevent Google Search Generative Experience using the content of your website

Google-Extended, the new standalone product token, to tell Google through your robots.txt to not use your site content for Bard and Vertex AI and other AI projects does not work for the AI-answers and snapshots provided in the Search Generative Experience.

Google told us that Google-Extended does not work for SGE. Google told us that SGE was a Search experiment, so webmasters should continue to use robots.txt to manage content in search results. This includes experiments like Search Generative Experience.

Google explained SGE as a part of Google Search. It is a search tool and should function the same way as normal search directives. Google explained that AI was built into Search and not just bolted on. It is integral to the way Search works, which is why the robots.txt control is used to allow web publishers to manage how their site is crawled. SGE AI-answers. There are SGE examples that show AI-generated responses, along with website cards, for sites who have explicitly asked Google not to use the content of their site for AI purposes. Glenn Gabe

A screenshot of, which has Google-Extended explicitly disallowed on its page. This screenshot is being used to generate the AI-generated answers in SGE. You were wrong if you thought that using Google-Extended was going to prevent Google from using the content you provided for SGE AI powered answers. Google-Extended is for Bard, Vertex, and other products that are not search-specific.

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