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Google Ads launches AI Assistant but warns that answers may be incorrect

The Google Ads help guide has a new AI assistant.

Currently in open beta, the new tool has been designed to help users find answers and solve account issues relating to Google Ads.

Select users are currently being invited to test the AI and provide their feedback.

Here’s a screenshot of the new tool in action, as shared by PPC expert Julie F Bacchini:

Screenshot 2023 08 14 At 20.47.05 314x600

Interestingly, the new AI assistant notably comes with a disclaimer, warning:

  • “While I know a lot, I’m still learning and may make some mistakes. Please leave feedback if I make a mistake so that I can learn. Marketers are encouraged to integrate AI tools into their daily strategies and test them. However, this tool comes with a clear warning that isn’t yet a finished product and that it may provide incorrect answers, which would suggest it’s unreliable and could waste time.

What has Google said? Google sent emails to select users, inviting them to trial the new tool and provide their feedback:

“If you choose to try this new feature, you’ll see the option to provide feedback on any AI-generated content.”“Your feedback helps us improve the quality and accuracy of AI answers. This is a technology preview and may show inaccurate or inappropriate content.”

  • “If you do not want to use this feature, then you can still find answers in the help guide.”
  • Nicola Agius, who joined Search Engine Land in 2023, is the Paid Media editor. She is responsible for paid search, social media, retail and other areas. She was previously the SEO Director for Jungle Creations, overseeing multiple websites’ editorial strategy. She has worked in journalism for over 15 years and previously at OK! She has worked at OK! Magazine (2010-2014), Mail Online(2014-2015), Mirror(2015-2017), Digital Spy(2017) and The Sun (2018). She has also worked with SEO agency Blue Array in the past to co-author a bestselling Amazon book titled ‘Mastering Inhouse SEO’.

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