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For amazing SEO results, think spiderwebs and not funnels

With access to more data than ever before–and tech to interpret that data for marketers looking to write the right content to drive organic traffic–we now know the better framework for marketers to embrace is the spiderweb.

Join SEO experts from DemandJump for a live webinar covering:

  • Why the waste at the top of most funnels leads to poor organic traffic outcomes.
  • What industry-leading marketers and researchers like Gartner say about the modern buyer’s journey.
  • How to shift your thinking around your organic content strategy to create the kind of networked pillar content that drives positive user experience and fast page-one rankings.

Register today for “Think Spiderwebs, Not Funnels, For Remarkable SEO Results,” presented by DemandJump.

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Cynthia Ramsaran, director of custom content for Third Door Media (publishers of Search Engine Land & MarTech), is Cynthia Ramsaran. Cynthia is a multi-channel storyteller who has over 20 years of experience in content marketing and editorial. Her expertise includes the manufacturing, finance, and gaming industries.’s writer/producer was her experience. KPMG also produced thought leadership. Cynthia is originally from Queens, NY. She received her Bachelor’s degree and MBA from St. John’s University.

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