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Facebook Ad Policies have been renamed to Meta Ad Standards

Meta has renamed their Facebook Advertising Policies to Meta Advertising Standards to make them “as useful, transparent and clear as possible.”

What’s changing. Nothing. Meta has made it very clear that they aren’t changing the scope of the policies, nor are they announcing any new ones.

We’re not making any changes to the scope of these policies or how we enforce them, nor are we announcing any new policies. Instead, our goal with this update is to make it easier for people and businesses to access and understand our policies.

Language and consolidation updates. Meta said in some cases they are updating the language for the policies while in others they have streamlined or consolidated them. For example, the Prohibited Financial Products and Services policy now encompasses several previously separate but related policies. 

Dig deeper. Meta Advertising guidelines can be found in the Transparency Center. The Community Standards serve as a baseline for the ad policies. Advertisers must adhere to both to be eligible to run ads.

Why we care. Advertisers should adhere to all Meta advertising standards and guidelines. Failure to do so can result in your ad account or profile being banned. If you’re unsure if a certain ad, copy, or landing page meets the criteria, review the policies in full before launching your campaigns.

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