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Additional Google issues reported, now affecting API

Update. The issue has now been resolved.

Google is facing a slew of issues today affecting the Ads API, Impression Share, Auction Insights, and Ads Manager.

What Google says. Google has just reported an issue with the API, rendering it inaccessible for a few publishers. There is no ETA for a resolution.

Advertisers can monitor the status of the API issue here.

More issues. Earlier today we reported an issue affecting Impression Share and Auction Insights. Since then, another issue with the Ads Manager has come up. Google added shortly after the announcement that that issue had been resolved for a few advertisers, but that a full solution was yet to be implemented.

Advertisers can monitor the status of the As Manager issue here.

Why we care. Constant outages, broken features, and incorrect reporting can affect advertisers’ ability to adequately do their jobs. If you’re trying to manage Google accounts today, you may want to clock out early and hit up your local happy hour.

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