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For Ohio Wood Burner Fans!

We love the landscaping and tree service industry! We have successful clients all over the USA in landscaping, tree service, arborist services, and fertilization.

We hear that you love Ohio Wood Burner! We have loved watching them grow their brand using digital marketing strategies.

Since you love them and we do too we want to pass along a special deal just for their fans!

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Advice From The Professionals

A very smart man once said that you don’t ever want to be the pioneer. You want to follow them and improve upon what they have done. That’s where the profits are. The problem with being the pioneer is the vast amount of money required to make the mistakes necessary to come to a positive conclusion. That is why we let the competition lead the way and reverse engineer a marketing plan based on where the money is being spent because that tells us what is working. Whether it simply seeing a certain keyword at a higher cost vs other similar keywords in a niche market or seeing that a certain ad has run for a very long time we will find out what the competition is doing and improve upon it. We then have to crunch the numbers to see if the internet marketing campaign is viable and can produce a profit.


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  • Automate posting to the main networks: No more manual switching between pages and groups. Schedule and post from social media accounts in multiple networks simultaneously.
  • Elevate reach of your posts with AI: Ensure your posts drive results — have them published when your audience’s engagement is at its peak.
  • Optimal Posting Frequency: Find out how often to post to each social media platform.
  • Smart Posting Time: Schedule at the best time to make your post visible to a broader audience.
  • Various Content Types: Know when to post educational, promotional, motivational, etc. content.
  • Integrated Photostocks: Get limitless access to professional pictures for your posts.
  • Graphics Editor: Add shapes, banners, and text to your images. Apply various fonts.
  • Edit visuals right here, in the Digital Red Zone Social Tool interface: Tweak templates or create bright visuals from scratch in minutes with built-in Graphics Editor. Tailor sizes for any network and be sure your posts won’t go unnoticed on social.
  • Save time on content creation with premade templates: Discover Content Suggestions tailored for the main networks and different industries by a professional team. Pick any of 100,000+ post ideas and templates with images and GIFs, find articles and holiday visuals.
  • Check how each of your posts perform: Choose a time period and see reach & engagement rates of all published posts, the number of comments and shares.

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Our Promise To You
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"We will first educate you on the products and strategies that are available to market your business online. We will then work with you to determine a marketing plan that will maximize your ROI on your marketing budget for the long term. "

Keir Anderson
CEO/Owner of Digital Red Zone

Target Customers

At Digital Red Zone our professionals will find which platforms will work best to reach most of your potential customers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best marketing strategy possible to promote and grow your business.


We optimize your website with keywords that will bring more traffic to your site.

Know what you are hunting 100%
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Social Media

Social Media has become one of the most powerful platforms to market your business.

Running Ads

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are great ways to target potential customers and create a desire for your product or service.

Online Reputation

At Digital Red Zone we monitor and manage your online reputation to get more positive reviews for your business.

Experience Digital Marketing Excellence!

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