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To be successful in marketing you need to create a consistent message of value to your customer.

To be successful in the digital world you need someone local that stays on top of the latest strategies and easily shows you their value to your business so you can make the decision where to focus your message.

The Internet is an ever changing place to market your business and presents problems to business owners like yourself as the time to learn and implement the tools and strategies needed to be successful is just to large a task. Trust me I know, I am a small business owner myself and I have over a decade of internet marketing experience.

So what do you need to be successful?

1) Reputation Management:

This is the first place you start. If this isn't managed properly you will lose money on all other marketing efforts you undertake in the future. (Yes even word of mouth)

We solve this problem.

2) Marketing Plan:

After you have a solid reputation you need a plan. You need to know what strategies are already working and being used against your business. So how do you figure this out?

We solve this problem. 

3) Web Design:

After you know what content your customers like it is time to design your site to give them what they want. We created highly converting content (content that sells) on your site to make you the authority on your product or service. How do you build a sales site rather than a brochure site?

We solve this problem. 

4) Search Engine Optimization:

Now that you have a great site we want to position in in both the local and organic search results so that when a customer is looking for the answer to a problem your business is the solution. This is one of the most valuable things a business can have to market its products or services when done right. So how do get your site ranked in search engines?

We solve this problem. 

5) Social Media:

Now that you are getting more business it is time to go social to increase your brand awareness. The major task with social media is to create an audience that like your content. You need engaging content that show off your expertise. So how do you figure out what engaging content is?

We solve this problem. 

6) Email List:

Most businesses don't have a good email list and are not properly using it to engage past customers. We start creating your list in step 1. What if I don't have a list or it isn't organized?

We solve this problem. 

7) Digital Ads:

What about all the various types of digital ads like you see on Facebook or Google?

We solve this problem too.

We can optimize your Youtube channel or create one for your company to show off you stuff as well. Video is fast becoming one of the most important content pieces your business can have.

So do i do this all at once?

No, we recommend that you grow a campaign from a strong reputation upward. Your marketing plan will determine when you need to take the steps to grow your campaign. We walk you through the process every step of the way and will change directions as changes in the marketplace happen.


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